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We carry a HUGE selection/variety of containers that are not all located on this page, due to space....please contact us if you are looking for a paticular container and we would be HAPPY to provide you with pricing.



Solo Squat Double Poly Paper Container 8-12oz

white-500/cs-8/12oz CODE: FSBOWLP8/12

10" Octaview Take-out Container Black

100/cs CODE: FSC10R

Foam White Container 10oz-12oz

1000/cs 10oz-FSC10SJ20 500/cs 12oz-FSC12SJ20 16oz-FSC16MJ20

Foam Squat Tub White 12oz

12oz 500/cs CODE: FSC12SJ32

Clear Plastic Hinged Container

5 1/4" x 5 1/4" x 1/2" 375/cs CODE: FSC181050

Reversible Dome Container and Lid Combo-8oz

200/cs 8oz CODE-FSC181051

General Hinged Container 8 7/8X6 1/8 X 3 1/8

8 7/8 x 6 1/8 x 3 1/8 500/cs CODE-FSC181052

Foil Container Containers or Loaf Trays

2lb CODE-FSC225 2 1/4lb- FSC225-2 500/cs OR FSLOAF2 200/CS

Dome Lid For 2 1/4lb Oblong Foil Container

500/cs CODE-FSC225-L

1lb Laminated Lids For Foil Oblong Container


Round Black/Clear Lid Container 24oz

24oz 150/cs CODE-FSC24ROUND

Medium Depth Microwaveable Container 5X4

5x4 medium size 12oz-black CODE-FSC5X4M

One Compartment Container With Hinged Lid 5 3/4 X 6 X 3

5 3/4 x 6 x 3 500/cs CODE-FSC6R

Foam Bowl 10oz

10oz 1000/cs CODE-FSBOWL10

Plastic Lid for 10/16oz Bowl


Foam Bowl 12oz-16oz

12oz-FSBOWL12 12oz soup-FSBOWL12-2 16oz-FSBOWL16

Squat Foam Soup Bowl 16oz


Pint Berry Natural Green Pulp Fibre Box


Flat Black Catering Tray 12"


Waxed Food Tray White/Red 2lb,3lb, 5lb

1000&500/cs 2lb&3,5lb CODES - FSTRAY2R...OR 3R,5R

Pizza Box - White 18X26

18x26 25/bndl CODE: FSPIZZA18X26

Pizza Box - White 25X18

25x18 50/bndl CODE: FSPIZZA25X18

Pizza Box - White 15X21X2
  • $59.00
  • $45.32

15x21x2 50/pk CODE: FSPIZZABXWH15212 **ONLY 3 LEFT**

Large Hinge Foam Compartment 9.5 X 9 1/4 X 3

9.5x9 1/4x3 CODE: FSSCO66136

Corrugated Baker Tray 50/pk

Corrugated Baker Tray 50/pk 21x15x3 CODE:FSBAKERTRAY21153

Plain Fry Box 16oz 1000/cs

Plain Fry Box 16OZ 1000/cs CODE:FSFRY16

9x5 Foam Rectangle Container

905 Foam Rectangle Container 220/cs CODE: FSFT9X5-CH

9X9 Foam Large Container

9x9 Foam Large Container 150/cs CODE: FSFT9X9-CH

Black Meat Tray

Black Meat Tray 8.5x4.5x9/16 1000/cs CODE:FSMEATTRAY-BL

Compostable 9x6x3 Container

9x6x3 Medium Size Fiber Container 200/cs Made of Bagasse (Sugarcane) Freezer/Microwave Safe -special order

Compostable 9x9x3.19 Container

9x9x3.19 Compostable Container 200/cs Made of Bagasse (Sugar Cane) Freezer/Microwave Safe Special order

Sugarcane 12oz Compostable Bowl

12 oz Compostable Bowl-sugarcanebagasse-1000/cs

Kraft Take Out Boxes-Several Sizes

Kraft Take Out Boxes-Several sizes available-special order

Black Catering Tray/Clear Dome Lid-16"
  • $62.75
  • $72.16

16" Black Catering Tray with Clear Dome Lid-50/cs CODE: FSTRAY16PL **ONLY 1 LEFT**

Foam Sandwich Container

Medium Foam Sandwich Container 5.7x5.7x3 500/cs Code: FSFT6X6X3 $32.00/CS

Foil Container-7

Foil Container-7" or 9" Round T.O Container CODE: FSOIL9

Lids-Lid For 7

Lids-Lid For 9" Round T.O Container CODE: FSFOIL9-L