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 Garbage Bags

Available in Black, White and Clear in a large variety of sizes



16X20 Utility

16X20 Utility. Packed 500/case

20X22 Utility

20X22 Utility. Packed 500/case

22X22 Utility

22X22 Utility. Packed 500/case

22X24 Utility

22X24 Utility. Packed 500/case

24X22 Utility

24X22 Utility. Packed 500/case

24X30 Regular

24X30 Regular. Packed 500/case

26X36 Extra Strong

26X36 Extra Strong. Packed 150/case

26X36 Regular

26X36 Regular. Packed 250/case

26X36 Strong

26X36 Strong. Packed 200/case

28X40 Strong

28X40 Strong. Packed 200/case

30X38 Extra Strong

30X38 Extra Strong. Packed 125/case

30X38 Regular

30X38 Regular. Packed 250/case

30X38 Strong

30X38 Strong. Packed 200/case

35X47 Extra Strong

35X47 Extra Strong. Packed 100/case

35X47 Regular

35X47 Regular. Packed 250/case

35X47 Strong

35X47 Strong. Packed 125/case

35X50 Contractor

35X50 Contractor. Packed 75/case 3 Mil.

35X50 Extra Strong

35X50 Extra Strong. Packed 125/case

35X50 Regular

35X50 Regular. Packed 200/case

35X50 Strong

35X50 Strong. Packed 150/case

35X50 XX Strong

35X50 XX Strong. Packed 100/case

42X48 Extra Strong

42X48 Extra Strong. Packed 100/case

42X48 Regular

42X48 Regular. Packed 200/case

42X48 Strong

42X48 Strong. Packed 125/case

42X48 XX Strong

42X48 XX Strong. Packed 100/case

50X50 Extra Strong

50X50 Extra Strong. Packed 75/case

50X50 Strong

50X50 Strong. Packed 100/case